Mt. Maculot – Travel Guide


How to get there?
Take a bus to Lemery, Batangas and then, ask the driver to drop you off at Cuenca. From there, ride a tricycle to the jump-off point. Ask your driver to pass by the Registration Area near the Cuenca Barangay Hall where you can register and pay the 20 php fee. At registration area, the officials will require you to hand at least one identification card from any of you for your whole group.

How long will it take you to reach the Rockies? From the jump-off point, it will take you an hour and a half to the campsite. From there, it will take you 5 minutes to reach the Rockies.

Is this mountain good for first time climbers? Yes! The trail is quite steep, but there are plenty, not sure of the number but it is no less than 7, of resting stations. These spots also have stores that are selling halo-halo, buko juice and different bevarages every weekends and summer months.Take note that the prices of the goods also rise along with your current elevation! There is a store at the campstie dubbed as ‘7-11′ which offers almost everything a sari-sari store can offer.

Can you camp on Mt. Maculot? Of course! Around 20 or more tents can fit the campsite.

How much should one need to climb Mt. Maculot? Let’s do the math!

Bus Fare from Kamuning to Cuenca, Batangas: 155 php
Tricycle Fare to Jumpoff Point: 20 php
Registration Fee: 20 php
Tricycyle Fare to Cuenca Town Proper: 20 php
Jeepney Fare to Lipa: 25 php
Bus Fare from Lipa to EDSA: 119 php
*Guide Fee: 80 php
*Every group is required to get a guide. For the rockies alone, each guide is 500php for every 5 people and 50 pesos for every additional person. For the traverse, fee is doubled. So, the more, the cheaper.
Basic Budget You Need to Climb Mt. Maculot: 359 php + Guide Fee

Are those my only expenses?

Taxi Fee from Fort Bonifacio to Jam liner – Kamuning (our meeting place): 240 php
Taxi Fee from Magallanes to Fort Bonifacio: 150 php
Food and Bevarages: lost track of it since I kept eating and drinking once in awhile
Buko Juice costs 10 php per 12 oz cup, Halo-Halo costs from 25 php to 45 php, depending on the store’s elevation. Softdrinks cost from 30 php to 60 php.
*Bathroom Fee: 5 php at the jumpoff point; 5 php at the foot of the mountain
*You can also take a shower for 15 php at the foot of the mountain.

I guess I spent just a little over a thousand pesos, including food and beverages, for a priceless adventure!

Is Mt. Maculot good for daredevil poses? I’ll just let photos speak for themselves. Click this link to see my Mt. Maculot adventure. However, the photos doesn’t give justice to the mountain and its 360 degrees view’s spectacular beauty.

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3 thoughts on “Mt. Maculot – Travel Guide

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  2. This is awesome, thanks for posting this! I hope to explore places like this next time I visit the Philippines.

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