Mt. Batulao: Easy to Climb, Easy to Love

As an archipelago of 7,107 islands and a tropical country blessed with some of the world’s greatest biodiversity, it is a given that the Philippines can serve as a good playground for both beginner and seasoned hikers alike. In Nasugbu, Batangas, there lies one of the most climbed mountains in the country due to its close proximity to Metro Manila and its beginner-friendly difficulty. For years, Mt. Batulao has been a favorite mountain to climb to different types of climbers: newbie climbers, solo hikers, seasoned hikers, and especially, trail runners.


Since the climb was the second mountain of our twin dayhike with one of its neighboring mountain, Mt. Talamitam, we were able to start our ascend quite late. It was already close to five ‘o clock in the afternoon when we set foot in Mt. Batulao. Reaching the summit before sunset was our main goal. Some photos are from Paolo Dala.

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If you want someone to love mountain climbing, make Mt. Batulao his/her first climb. It is not just an easy mountain to climb, but also an easy mountain to love.   

Are you interested in climbing Mt. Batulao? You might need a travel guide. Here’s a free one! (Click this link to see) 


My friend and I “accidentally” climbed one of the high peaks of Mt. Batulao. It wasn’t part of the trail. When we reached the top, we couldn’t figure out how to go down and realized that we were off the trail. The slope was at around 80 degrees so it was a difficult to ascend and descend. Luckily, we were able to do it and survive16256043323_f361378cff_o10383564_10205898267873824_4091468651147088066_n (1)

16689878189_05b3de3255_o 16876108465_10571bb44e_o 16875939425_4b2c2cdb45_o 16875897985_672eac1162_o 16874967181_5d510c4e50_o 16874925502_dfabaf5c26_o

We split into two groups. I, with a friend, reached Mt. Batulao’s summit just a little over an hour (photo sessions included) while my sister and other friend took them long to ascend to the summit because they were battling with their fear of heights. The open and narrow trail of Mt. Batulao makes it a harder climb for those who have acrophobia. The trail is open so you can see basically everything around, which I think made the trek more fun.


And yes, we made all made it to the summit before sunset! Since my friend and I reached the summit earlier, we had time for my little birthday photo surprise for Jacob (click to see).16851045986_5bfa98920c_o 16876815241_b9990739ed_o 16876841715_ee766decc9_o

Need a Mt. Batulao travel guide? Here you go!signature

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