Mt. Pico de Loro – Travel Guide

pico de loro

Mt. Pico de Loro, also known as the “Parrot’s Beak” because of its shape, is the highest point in Cavite, Philippines.

Location: Cavite, Philippines | Elevation: 2,178 feet

How to Get There 

1. By public transportation: Take a bus bound to Ternate, Cavite. From the Ternate Terminal, take a tricycle ride to DENR.

2. By private transportation: Take the CAVITEX all the way to Naic, Cavite. Then, take the road to Ternate, Cavite, after Naic. Go past the Puerto Azul resort and you’ll find DENR.

Basic Expenses 

Bus Ticket to Ternate Terminal: 82 php | Tricycle Ride: 100 php  | DENR Registration Fee: 25 php | 2nd Registration Fee: 25 php | Bus Ticket to Pasay : 155 php

Another wonderful thing about hiking Pico de Loro is it wouldn’t cost you much compared to other hikes. If you’re from Metro Manila, you just need to go to the Coastal Mall bus station and take a bus bound to Ternate Cavite, which will cost you 82 pesos. Upon arrival in Ternate terminal, you need to ride a tricycle to DENR, which costs 100 per person. Then, you need to register at DENR and Base Camp 1. Each registration costs 25 pesos. To return to Manila, you need to ride a tricycle from the Nasugbu Highway to the Nasugbu Terminal, which will cost you a hundred pesos, then, ride a bus to Pasay, which will cost you 155 pesos.

Other Rates You Need To Know

Guide fee: 1500 php (per group) | Sari-sari store goodies: higher than usual

What to Bring

Usual day hiking stuff: trail food, trail water, extra clothing, toiletries, personal meds, packed food, money (see above)

Suggested Itinerary for a dayhike

0500 ETD Coastal Mall

0700 ETA Ternate Cavite, Tricycle ride to DENR


0800 Start trek

1100 ETA Summit, Sight seeing, Lunch

Option A: if you are traversing to Nasugbu

1230 start descent

1530 ETA Nasugbu – Ternate Highway

1700 ETD Nasugbu

1930 ETA Manila

Option B: if going back to Ternate

1230 start descent


1930 ETA Manila

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it a good mountain for beginners? Yes! Actually, it was the first Philippine mountain that I summited. You don’t need to be an expert mountaineer to climb mountains. According to, the mountain’s climb difficulty is only 3/9 which makes it very easy for seasoned mountaineers and perfect for beginner hikers. The trail is only steep in the last 20 minutes of the trek.

2. Is it require to hire a tour guide? Do I/we need one? It is not required but it is recommended to first time climbers.

3. Is the climbing the “Parrot’s Beak” or the monolith hard? How easy/hard is it? They say, you really haven’t conquered Pico de Loro if you didn’t climb its monolith. However, don’t hesitate to skip that part because it is not for the faint-hearted. The weather is also a factor for the climbing difficulty of the monolith: it’s harder when it’s windy and foggy because it’s scarier. I’ve conquered the monolith twice and the second time was harder due to the bad weather. You’ll feel like you might be like a plastic bag drifting through the winds anytime. Basically, it’s a battle between the monolith and your fears. Forget your fears and climbing around 12 ft using a rope will be easy. Don’t ever let go of the rope. Also, don’t look down!

4. Is Mt. Pico de Loro worth the time, money and sweat that I’m going to spend?


For more photos, check out my Pico de Loro experience.


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  2. Hi po, 1500 po ba tlga ang byad sa guide??? blak kc namen mag traverse hike this sunday… were beginners po…

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