Mt. Batulao – Travel Guide

Mt. Batulao

How to get there 

1. By Private Transport: Drive to Tagaytay until you see the Evercrest Golf Course in Lemery Batangas. From there, you can either take a hike, which is quite long, or drive all the way to the jump-off point.

2. By Public Transport: Take a bus to Nasugbu, Batangas. Let the bus conductor know that you’ll be heading to Mt. Batulao so you’ll be dropped in front of the Evercrest Golf Course in Lemery, Batangas. The bus ride may take you around 2 hours. Upon reaching Evercrest Golf Course, you can either hike, which is quite long, all the way or take the tricycle ride (25 php  per person) to the jump-off point.

What to bring

Usual day hiking stuff: trail food, trail water, extra clothing, toiletries, personal meds, packed food, money (see below);

Basic Expenses (per hiker)

Bus ride from Coastal Mall to Evercrest : 104 php | Registration fee: 20 php | Overnight fee: 30 php | Bus ride from Evercrest to Taft: 106 php

Other Rates You Need To Know

Guide fee: not fixed | Shower Bathroom Fee: 25 php | Toilet Fee: 10 php for pooping and 5 php for urinating | Sari-sari store goodies: usual prices

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Mt. Batulao good for beginners? Not only for beginners! This mountain has been a favorite to different types of climbers: newbie climbers, solo hikers, seasoned hikers, and especially, trail runners. If you want someone to love mountain climbing, make Mt. Batulao his/her first climb. It is not just an easy mountain to climb, but also an easy mountain to love.   

2. Is it required to hire a tour guide? Do I/we need one? Unlike other mountains, this one doesn’t require you to have a guide leading you through the trail. If it’s your first time in Mt. Batulao, not having a guide doesn’t mean you’ll be lost since the trail can be seen easily and the people you’ll see there, the locals manning the stores and other hikers, will gladly assist you.

3. How much should I/we give our tour guide? The recommended guide fee is 300 php per day. However, as I have mentioned above, there is no fixed fee so you can give any from none (if you’re that heartless because these guides are working to support themselves AND their family) to as much as you want. There are also kid guides, working to save money for their school allowance, available. Don’t hesitate to give them as much as you are willing to give them ’cause a little act of charity can go a long way.

4. How many hours or days do we need to spend in Mt. Batulao? At a normal trekking pace, it would take you around 2 to 3 hours to ascend and 1 to 2 hours to descend, making it dayhikable. However, if you have an extra day to spend, why not camp there overnight? It is a camp-friendly mountain with billions of stars to gaze at.

5. Is Mt. Batulao worth the time, money and sweat that I’m going to spend?


Open trails, rolling slopes and scenic views of Batangas – how could it not be worth it?

Want to see more of Mt. Batulao? Check out my Mt. Batulao climb experience!


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