Mt. Pico de Loro: Conquering the Parrot’s Beak

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Mt. Pico de Loro, also known as the “Parrot’s Beak” because of its shape, is the highest point in Cavite, Philippines. According to, the mountain’s climb difficulty is only 3/9 which makes it very easy for seasoned mountaineers and perfect for beginner hikers. Actually, the trail is only steep in the last 20 minutes of the trek. It took us around 3 hours of hike to get to the summit. The view when we reached to summit is very scenic. It was worth the trek.

Another wonderful thing about hiking Pico de Loro is it wouldn’t cost you much compared to other hikes. If you’re from Metro Manila, you just need to go to the Coastal Mall bus station and take a bus bound to Ternate Cavite, which will cost you 82 pesos. Upon arrival in Ternate terminal, you need to ride a tricycle to DENR, which costs 100 per person. Then, you need to register at DENR and Base Camp 1. Each registration costs 25 pesos. To return to Manila, you need to ride a tricycle from the Nasugbu Highway to the Nasugbu Terminal, which will cost you a hundred pesos, then, ride a bus to Pasay, which will cost you 155 pesos. For less than 500 pesos, you could go for a day hike in Pico de Loro!

Bring packed lunch, trail water, trail food, and extra clothes. You also need to bring garbage bags because you need to bring down all your garbages. EVERY SINGLE PIECE! Water proof your stuff. You can use polyethelyne plastics to cover them. Also pack your bag accurately, with the heaviest at the middle, lightest at the bottom and medium weighed items at the top part. As much as possible, do not use hand-carry, shoulder, or sling bags. Also wear insect repellant and sunblock. There is a small sari-sari store located at the summit that charges high prices, but they deserve to rate their items that high. Imagine how they brought those stuff to the top!

Trek to the summit

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To The Monolith

They say, you really haven’t conquered Pico de Loro if you didn’t climb its monolith. My mountaineer friend told me that the monolith is not for the weak. That made me think that climbing the monolith is really a big challenge for me. I was suprised that I didn’t really had a hard time reaching its top. I consider myself physically active so I guess that really helped me get to the top of the monolith.

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On the top of the Monolith!???????????????????????????????


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Yayyyy! We conquered the Parrot’s Beak!

How about you? Do you have plans of hiking Pico de Loro? If you have already conquered the Parrot’s Beak, how was your trip? Let me know!  I’d be glad to hear from you! 🙂

Need a Mt. Pico de Loro travel guide? Here you go! Click this link.


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10 thoughts on “Mt. Pico de Loro: Conquering the Parrot’s Beak

  1. Good for you! Impressive. Pole Steeple is my limit. Climbing steep terrain and precipice is not for me so many thanks for making it to the monolith and taking these amazing pictures.

  2. Hi I want to do this too! Your photos are so amazing! keep the adventures coming in! Can you go own your own without a tour operator?

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