How I Solved My Packing Problem


Sometimes, I wish I’m kidding every time I say I have a packing problem.

Should I pack it?

How do you fit all your stuff in your luggage? The answer is very simple: just bring what you need! In packing, there is always a struggle to distinguish what we want to bring from what we need to bring. Here is a chart I made to help me choose the items to pack.

Some Packing Tips 

1. Know  the rules. Double check the weight limit and number of bags you can check-in with your airlines. If you exceed the limit, you can cut cost by paying online rather than at the airport.

2. Make a packing checklist.  Don’t forget to consider the weather and the activities you will be doing!

3. Plan your outfits ahead of time. This can save you from over-packing. Choose outfits that you can mix-and-match. Bringing three shirts and three bottoms can give you nine outfits!

4. The Golden Rule of Packing: Take half of the clothes you were planning to bring and twice the money.

5. Tie unique ribbons on your luggage so you can easily distinguish them from other luggage.

6. Fill up your shoes. This can save you space and keeps your shoes in shape.






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