Why You Didn’t See Bela For A While

Hello, readers! I pursued a master’s degree in couch potato-ing in New York, from the first week of March till the last week of April. That is the main reason why my blog became dormant for a while. Don’t worry. Now, I graduated from couch potato-ing! Congratulate me! Yay!


Couch potato yesterday, bench potato today!

Daily NY Routine
My daily routine in New York consists of waking up whenever i like, eating meals prepared by my relatives, couch potatoing-ing (I’ll elaborate more of this later), exploring NY, taking a bath (yes, I do take a bath EVERYDAY even in very cold days), getting checked from time to time by my loving grandmother who wants me to eat every minute of the day, exercising so I could eat more bad unhealthy American foods and sleeping whenever I’m bored doing all the stuff that I do with my phone.

Couch Potato-ing 101
Things needed: A nice comfortable couch, remote control of the TV, distractions such as phone and books, snacks and drinks as sustenance for the couch slouch,

Before I do couch potato-ing, I make sure that the couch potato distractions are ready to use for potato-ing. Watching the television is the main entertainment tools for couch potatoes but having distractions adds fun and lessens boredom, especially when it’s your phone that is loaded with different fun apps such as different social media and challenging games.

If you know you’re ready to start potato-ing, prepare your spot. Choose the best place where you are comfortable to slouch or do anything you want.

Couch potato in moderation!

Seizing the moment
My aunt once told me to just enjoy my couch potato moments while I still can because it might be the last time that I could experience that bum life since I would be working soon. And yes, I embraced every single moment of my couch potato life and I really enjoyed it. There were times that I would rather stay at house than go out and explore.

This is where I slept and who I sleep with while I was in NY. Bed gravity!!

This is where I slept and who I sleep with while I was in NY. Bed gravity!!




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