I see Bela in Music Under the Stars

We went to West Point to see West Point band’s “Music Under the Stars” concert with their annual Independence Day performance. We were already there at 5 pm to save space for us since we know there will be a lot of number coming.

The program started at 6 in the evening with the entrance of the new cadets, the class of 2017. After the independence day ceremony, the band started playing some songs. I really enjoyed it since the songs that they played are new. There was even a time when the fireworks display was synchronized with the music.  The evening concluded with a spectacular fireworks display. It was the best firework display that I’ve seen so far.

Some of the photos are courtesy of Tito Gus. 



3 thoughts on “I see Bela in Music Under the Stars

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  2. Great experience. I love the scenery of the mountains and of the Hudson River as seen from the venue where you sat down to watch the program and the fire work display. I remember how beautiful the sunset was during the time your Uncle Jeff and I went there with the whole family for a 4th of July celebration. Cheers.

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