I see Bela in her Family Get-Together @ New York

Last week, we went to New York to visit my mom’s mother, sister, brother-in-law and nieces. We stayed in their place for almost a week. It has been a long time since I last saw them. The last time I saw my grandmother was in Christmas 2012 while the last time I saw the rest of them was in 2000, the burial of my mother. It was a very wonderful family bonding experience.

Most of the photos are from Tito Gus. 

Day 1: Arrival and West Point Visit


(From L to R: Jizelle, 10; Jillian, 13; Katrina, 18; and me, LOL) It was the first time that I saw Jizelle and the second time that I saw Jillian. I already met Jillian before but that was already 13 years ago.


Us together with Nanay, our grandmother


We arrived there at about 7 in the evening. After eating dinner, they brought us to West Point, the United States military academy. The place is very nice. It looks like Hogwarts. Haha!




Day 2: Remembered Mommy & 4th of July Celebration 

more at https://iseebela.wordpress.com/2013/07/05/4th-of-july/


This is the house where my mom stayed when she was in New York.


The woman beside Daddy is the owner of the house above and my mom’s aunt.


with one of my mom’s closest friends in NY

ImageThis is where my mom worked before. My aunt and grand mother said that she topped an exam in an accounting firm in the U.S. but she did not take the job because it’s a permanent one and she cannot have a permanent one since she goes home to the Philippines all the time.

ImageFilipino dishes for lunch on 4th of July


We also went Newburgh to see fireworks at the Hudson River.


Day 3: New York City

more at https://iseebela.wordpress.com/2013/07/09/first-time-in-nyc/


Day 4: Music Under The Stars @ West Point

We went to West Point to see West Point band’s “Music Under the Stars” concert with their annual Independence Day performance. The evening concluded with a spectacular fireworks display. more at https://iseebela.wordpress.com/2013/07/09/music-under-the-stars/



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